Professional portrait of Lt. Bo Jolly

Lt. Bo Jolly

The patrol division of the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office is under the supervision of Lt. Bo Jolly. He is assisted with these duties by Sgt. Vaughn, Sgt. Key, Cpl. Pettitt, Cpl. Morgan, Cpl. Newton, and Cpl. Holcomb.

The patrol division consists of 12 full-time deputies and 3 part-time deputies to man three patrol shifts. Deputies patrol approximately 1,000 miles of county roads to deter crime in the county of 30,000 year-round residents. Patrol deputies are responsible for answering and handling complaints, taking incident/offense reports, making arrests, transporting inmates, and serving warrants and juvenile pick-up orders. They also provide assistance to local law enforcement agencies and surrounding areas.

The patrol division also has six part-time courthouse security officers, who are all retired law enforcement officers. They provide security for Circuit and District Courts of Cherokee County, and assist in transporting inmates.


Professional portrait of Cpl. Nick Vaughn

Sgt. Nick Vaughn


Sgt. Thomas Key

Professional portrait of Deputy Tom Key

Cpl. Tony Pettitt




Deputy Will Bailey

Professional portrait of Deputy Michael Farrell

Deputy Michael







Cpl. Kyle Newton








Deputy Dakota Deberry

Professional portrait of Deputy Tracy Nelson

Deputy Seth Rochester




 Cpl. Daniel Holcomb


Deputy Jonah Smith


Deputy Phillip Stone



Cpl Stanley Vinson



The Cherokee County Sheriff's Office Reserve Deputy Program was established to assist the Sheriff's Office by providing additional man power when needed.

Reserve Deputy Sheriff's are members of the community who volunteer their time and services to help the Sheriff's Office when needed. Reserve Deputies are trained in firearms safety, other officer skills and they participate in other useful training programs. 

Reserve Deputies assist in many different areas such as:     

- Prisoner transport     

- Patrol duties with full time Deputies     

- Courtroom Security     

- Special events and functions


These select individuals are a great benefit to the Sheriff's Office.









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