Law Enforcement Trains in Cherokee County




   Law enforcement officers from northeast Alabama traveled to Cherokee County this week to participate in an active shooter training program called “ALERRT.”  ALERRT, an acronym for Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training, was initiated by the Alabama Department of Homeland Security in response to active shooter incidents across the country. 

   The ALERRT program is a dynamic course of instruction designed to prepare law enforcement to isolate, distract, and neutralize an active shooter. The course culminates with dynamic “force-on-force” scenarios.

   The training was hosted by the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office.  According to Sheriff Jeff Shaver, most of the deputies in Cherokee County have completed the ALERRT training.  Currently, all new law enforcement officers in Alabama are required to complete this program while attending the basic police academy.  Sheriff Shaver stated, “Training and continuing education is very important for deputies to keep up in an ever-changing world and to better serve the public.”