Terrapin Creek Clean Up Results





   For the last two days, the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office has been conducting a clean up effort on Terrapin Creek.  Sheriff’s Office personnel, volunteers, and inmates from the Cherokee County Detention Center removed a large quantity of debris and refuse including a large trailer load of tires from the pristine waters of the creek.  The weather was perfect, and the clean up effort was a huge success.  Several of our volunteers got a close up view of the cold waters of the creek when they learned about the dynamics of canoeing.         

   The clean up was made possible with the help of the Mr. and Mrs. Steve Warren, owners of the Terrapin Outdoor Center, who allowed us to use their property and boats to complete this effort.  The Warrens and their staff were so kind to help shuttle our personnel and boats from one point to the next.  I would also like to extend thanks to the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office personnel, inmates, Outdoor Center staff, volunteers and Centre Wal Mart Manager, Tim Melton.  Cherokee County is a truly beautiful place to live and visit.  If you have never visited Terrapin Creek, now is a great time.