County Receives Homeland Security Grant



   According to Sheriff Jeff Shaver, the Sheriff’s Office received a $40,000 grant from the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency to improve law enforcement’s radio communication system in Cherokee County.  The funds were used to purchase a much needed digital repeater system, digital car radios, and handheld radios.

   Communication is one of the most important tools for law enforcement officers.  It is literally their “life-line” for help in dangerous situations.  The new digital radios drastically improve communication between officers and dispatch and have the capability to greatly expand the coverage area.

    The conventional analog radio systems will soon be a thing of the past, as technology advances and as the FCC continues to phase out the VHF frequencies.  At some point all public safety agencies across the nation will be required to communicate on a digital system.  The new digital radio system is in a transition process and should be fully implemented soon.  Investigator Shawn Rogers has been working very hard to get the new system online.  Once fully implemented, all deputies and municipal officers in Cherokee County will be on the digital system.

   Sheriff Shaver appreciates Alabama’s Secretary of Law Enforcement, Spencer Collier, and his staff, for their assistance in obtaining the grant.