K9 Unit

The Cherokee County Sheriff's Office K9 Unit is comprised of K9 Taki.

Taki is our narcotics K9 used to locate the odor of narcotics in various locations, such as cars or buildings. Taki is used to gain probable cause for search warrants or to help locate narcotics during the service of a search warrant. The dogs are typically deployed when officers stop vehicles and believe that narcotics may be present.

Taki has had some serious training that enabled him to serve a number of critical purposes. He can sniff out illegal drugs like cocaine and methamphetamine, along with tracking fleeing suspects, or missing/endangered persons. However he's not all business. He can also be described as a bit hyperactive, playful and fun-loving, German shorthaired Pointer.

Taki was purchased from the Alabama Canine Law enforcement Officers Training Center. Taki was fully trained when purchased. Taki's handler attended a four week training at the Alabama Canine Law enforcement Officers Training Center. During this training Taki and his Partner, Cpl. Daniel Holcomb, learned how to work as a team to find illegal contraband.


Cpl. Daniel Holcomb and K9 Taki 2023




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