Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office Joins Alabama Regional Drug Task Force…


According to Sheriff Jeff Shaver, the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office has joined the Alabama Regional Drug Task Force.  The task force is a newly formed unit in the northern region of Alabama, headed by the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA).  The regional task force is governed by a board of law enforcement professionals across north Alabama and will provide guidance to the Regional Task Force.  Sheriff Shaver is among the seven board members.  The Task Force includes investigators and agents from the ALEA Narcotics Unit, the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office, Fort Payne Police Department, and Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.  This is a cooperative effort between the Sheriff's Office and ALEA to fight the drug war on a regional and state level.  According to Chief Investigator Josh Summerford, the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office has assigned two investigators to the Task Force.  These investigators have been required to pass background checks conducted by the State Bureau of Investigation and both will have statewide arrest powers with ALEA credentials.

 state of alabama with a seal for the law enforcement agency    Cherokee County Sheriff badge