Pistol Permits & Administration

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The Sheriff's Office Administration Division consists of Chief Clerk Meredith Johnson and Warrant Clerk, Lisa Mobley (not pictured). They handle the business and financial side of the Sheriff's Office.

Meredith Johnson is currently the Chief Clerk and has been employed with the Sheriff's Office since 2000.  Meredith attended Tuskegee University and later transferred to Jacksonville State University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice. She directly manages financial accounts, accounts payable/receivable processes, monthly disbursements of monies received into the Sheriff's Office. She also issues pistol permits and assists the public in the office and by phone. In addition, the Chief Clerk serves as the Sheriff's Administrative Assistant.

Lisa Mobley serves as the Warrant Clerk. Lisa is a graduate of Gadsden State Community College with an Associates Degree in Medical Secretary. Lisa is responsible for receiving, entering and maintaining all warrants and civil processes from the County Clerk and surrounding areas. The Warrant Clerks prepares a monthly UCR to ACJICS for statistical data purposes. This person also issues pistol permits and assists the public in the office and by phone.

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