4 Deputies Receive SWAT Certification...


According to Sheriff Jeff Shaver, four Cherokee County deputies recently graduated SWAT training at Fort McClellan.  The deputies, Jamie Parris, Tony Monroy, Michael Green and Brent Snead participated in the week-long training of over 60 hours.  The course consisted of firearm training, building and vehicle searches, less lethal deployment techniques and much more.

SWAT, Special Weapons and Tactics, is specialized law enforcement that handles serious criminal situations that go beyond the capacity of regular law enforcement forces. SWAT groups are commonly called upon when incidents pose elevated risks to both the general public and law enforcement personnel. They use special methods and equipment, including non-lethal equipment, during operations, and they commonly confront criminals who are extremely armed and dangerous. 

According to Chief Deputy Josh Summerford, the four recent graduates join three other previously SWAT certified deputies, giving the Sheriff’s Office seven SWAT certified deputies.

Sheriff Shaver said, “I appreciate the sacrifice and hard -work these deputies put into this difficult and advanced training.” 

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