Sheriff's Office Instructs another Citizen's Firearms Safety Class...


Cherokee County Sheriff Jeff Shaver reports the most recent Citizen’s Firearms Safety Course was a huge success with nearly 50 people in attendance. The course was made up of two sessions, including a classroom session and a firearms range session. Firearms expert and Sheriff’s Office Investigator Matt Sims, along with Investigator Jim Roberts and Chief Investigator Josh Summerford led the classroom portion which took place last week on the campus of Gadsden State Cherokee.

Instructors educated attendees on the facts regarding new firearms laws, how to safely and legally carry firearms, information about concealed weapons permits, firearms instruction, and hands-on firearms experience.

The hands-on session was held at the indoor range at B.J.’s Gun Shop in Centre, where Sheriff’s Office personnel assisted students with actual shooting.

“I believe the participants learn a lot from the classes, and we enjoy being able to interact and educate the public and make our communities more safe,” says Sheriff Jeff Shaver.

The Citizen’s Firearms Safety Course is sponsored by Sheriff Jeff Shaver and District Attorney Mike O’Dell in conjunction with Gadsden State Community College. Future classes will be planned for later this year, and the date will be announced in coming months. You may contact Johnna Lindsey at Gadsden State-Cherokee at 256-927-1806 to add your name to the waiting list for the next training.

Firearms Safety Class conducted on January 22, 2019Josh Summerford presenting at the citizen's firearms safety class on January 22, 2019students from the citizen's firearms safety class with their paper targetsstudent being instructed how to use a firearm while 2 people watchperson being instructed on how to use a firearmwoman being instructed on how to use a firearmclassroom instruction during the citizen's firearms safety class on January 22, 2019