Another Successful Citizens' Firearms Safety Class Completed by Sheriff's Office...


According to Cherokee County Sheriff Jeff Shaver, another Sheriff’s Office Citizen’s Firearms Safety Course was a huge success with last week at Gadsden State Community College and BJ’s Guns and Range in Centre.  The course is comprised of two sessions, including a class room session and a firearms range session.  Deputies, investigators, and staff from the District Attorney’s Office instructed attendees on facts regarding firearms laws, how to safely and legally carry firearms, information about concealed weapons permits, firearm instruction, and hands-on firearms experience.

   “The attendees seem to enjoy the classes, and we enjoy being able to provide the training and interact with the public in a positive way,” says Sheriff Jeff Shaver.

The Citizens Firearms Safety Course is sponsored by Sheriff Jeff Shaver and District Attorney Mike O’Dell in conjunction with Gadsden State Community College.  “I appreciate members of my staff who choose to participate in the training, and I’d also like to thank the District Attorney’s Office and Gadsden State Community College for their help in making the classes a success,” stated Sheriff Shaver.


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