Stolen Truck from Georgia Robbery and Stabbing Recovered in Cherokee County…


According to Cherokee County Sheriff Jeff Shaver, on Thursday, April 28, 2016, deputies recovered a truck, which had been reported stolen two days earlier during a robbery and assault in Whitfield County, Georgia.  Acting on information from Georgia detectives, Chief Investigator Josh Summerford and Deputy Jeremy Stepps located the stolen vehicle near Pruett’s Fish Camp. 

According to Georgia law enforcement, the female victim stated a man and woman arranged to meet at her home to purchase a truck advertised for sale on Craigslist.   They arrived in a dark-colored passenger car, and the woman stayed inside the car, while the man came into the house to speak with the victim about the truck.  When the victim started walking the man out the door to look at the truck, the suspect pulled a knife, and cut and stabbed her.  The suspect then grabbed the keys, ran out of the house, and sped off in the truck, followed by the woman in the car. 

The suspect, identified as David Wayne Williams, 47, of Walton County, Georgia, was arrested the following day in Rome, Georgia, after leading police on a chase.  Also taken into custody were two siblings of the suspect, who are accused of assisting him in the crimes.  Williams was turned over to the Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office on warrants for aggravated battery and armed robbery.


According to Sheriff Shaver, the only connection to Cherokee County is that a resident purchased the truck from the stabbing suspect in Georgia on Wednesday, April 28.  Shaver cautions citizens to practice good judgement when attempting to sell or buy an item online and suggests arranging to meet strangers at a public place, such as the Sheriff's Office or a police department.