Two Suspects Arrested for Breaking and Entering, and Theft


According to Cherokee County Sheriff Jeff Shaver, two suspects have been arrested by on breaking and entering and theft charges.  Sheriff Shaver stated over the past few weeks deputies have been receiving reports of vehicles being broken in to and personal property being stolen at Cherokee Rock Village.

On October 25, 2011, Deputy Keith Morgan responded to Cherokee Rock Village due to the break in of another vehicle.  Sheriff’s Office Investigator Seth Rochester assisted Deputy Morgan in collecting evidence.  Investigator Rochester was able to develop two suspects.

On October 26, 2011, investigators located the two suspects at a residence in Sand Rock.  While at the residence, another report of a theft came in to the Sheriff’s Office.  A thorough description of the items taken were given to investigators at the residence and several items being reported as stolen were found in plain sight in the yard.

Investigators were able to obtain a confession from one of the suspects, and through that confession two other cases involving vehicle break ins and theft cases occurring at Cherokee Rock Village were solved.  The two suspects were arrested.

One of the suspects was a 17 year old juvenile, who was transported to the Coosa Valley Youth Detention Center in Anniston and is awaiting a juvenile hearing.  The other suspect is 18 year old Jacob Dewayne Roe from Sand Rock.  Roe was transported to the Cherokee County Detention Center where he is awaiting a bond hearing on charges of second degree theft of property and two counts of breaking and entering a vehicle.


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