September 9, 2010 Drug Lab At Sandrock


According to Sheriff Jeff Shaver, Cherokee County Sheriff's Office Narcotics Unit (CNU) agents, assisted by officers from the Centre and Leesburg Police Departments, arrested Bryan Ray Hulsey, 32, and Ann Marie Hudgins, 35, both of Sand Rock on Thursday, September 9, 2010. Agents went to the residence of Hulsey and Hudgins to serve arrest warrants for Hulsey for distribution and criminal conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine. Hulsey has an extensive past in this type of drug crime and has been under investigation for over six months. Both Hulsey and Hudgins have been observed purchasing high volumes of pseudo ephedrine at local pharmacies. While inside the residence searching for Hulsey, agents found and dismantled a methamphetamine lab hidden under a false floor. Bryan Ray Hulsey was charged with unlawful distribution of a controlled substance (methamphetamine), criminal conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine, and first degree manufacturing methamphetamine. Ann Marie Hudgins was charged with first degree manufacturing methamphetamine. Centre Police Department Officer Will Clark broke the case for CNU agents several weeks ago, and his work led to the charges on Hulsey by CNU Agents. Commander Charles Clifton wishes to thank the agencies involved in this case and appreciates the efforts and close working relationships that led to the arrest of these persons.