Copper theft from local utility


Due to the increase in the market price of scrap metal, especially copper, scrap metal thefts are on the rise nationally. Recently, our local telephone provider was a victim of theft and vandalism. Not only does a theft of telecommunications equipment result in a substantial monetary loss for a local utility, it also compromises our ability to respond in emergency situations due to the loss of telephone service in outlying areas of the county. You can assist us in deterring this illegal and dangerous crime by remaining alert for any unusual or suspicious activity in your community. The Cherokee County Sheriff's Office anonymous tip line is (256) 927-9999. I have included a press release from TDS Telecom detailing the most recent incident. Thank you for the assistance. Sheriff Jeff Shaver. DeAnne Boegli National Public Relations Manager 608-664-4428 Gaylesville, Ala. Madison, Wis. (June 30, 2010)