Vendors Voluntary Compliance Reporting


HELP US STOP METHAMPHTETAMINE MANUFACTURERS The Cherokee County Narcotics Unit is a division of the Cherokee County Sheriffs Office, which includes the Cherokee County Sheriffs Office working in cooperation with all area law enforcement. We assist the other law enforcement agencies in this county where and whenever we can. The purpose of this letter is to encourage our local merchants to notify any of the law enforcement agencies in this county whenever suspicious customers make purchases of items that YOU feel are going to be used to produce or manufacture methamphetamine or our narcotics unit which is tasks with the responsibility of investigating all of the illegal drug activities in Cherokee County. In order to identify persons in our area who may be purchasing common items used in the illegal manufacturing of methamphetamine, we need your assistance! Pseudo-Ephedrine or Ephedrine in any concentration, large quantities of matches, denatured alcohol, camping fuel, muriatic acid, rubber tubing, propane tanks, acetone, brake fluid, drain opener, iodine, coolers, and buckets are some of the items commonly used by meth manufacturers. Purchasing these items individually does not necessarily indicate a person is making methamphtamine. However, if anyone is buying large quantities or buying combinations of any of these products, they may be involved in the manufacturing of methamphetamine. We are currently sustaining our program here in Cherokee County called the Vendor