Public Service Alert


The Sheriff's Office would like everyone to be very careful and alert to any unsolicited mail, e-mail, phone calls or any type of contact you receive from any one you Do Not Know, or from any one you are not expecting contact from. I know we all want to believe all people in the world are good and will do us no harm, but unfortunatley that is not always true. We are not saying everyone is out to rob or cheat you. We are requesting you keep your guard up and be very very skeptical of any contact you receive from anyone. In this world of computers. cell phones, on line bill paying, faxes, electronic deposits and withdrawals you must use every means you can to protect yourself, and your money. Do NOT give out your Social Security number, Date of Birth, Bank Account numbers, Credit Card numbers or any type of Account numbers to any one unless you know who you are dealing with. Never cash a check you receive in the mail asking you to keep a part of the money and send the rest to someone else. These are counterfit checks and it will come back to the bank and you will be responsible for the money. Nearly all this money will go out of the country and it is impossible to recover. Do not purchase anything on the internet unless they have a secure checkout page, or a legitimate business will have a phone number on their site you can call to place an order, it should be under the heading Contact Us. Please be aware and use caution because you are the first defense in protecting your credit, your property, and your money. Thank You, Jeff Shaver, Sheriff, Cherokee County