Cherokee County Sheriff's Office Hosts Alabama Sheriff's Foundation Education Conference 2022


Earlier this month, Sheriff Jeff Shaver, Chief Deputy Josh Summerford, and Cherokee County Sheriff's Office hosted Alabama Sheriff's Foundation Education Conference at Chestnut Bay Resort in Leesburg. Sheriff Shaver welcomed Sheriff's and members of their staff from 29 counties across Alabama. Sheriff Shaver serves on the Alabama Sheriff's Association's Executive Committee and is the District Four Director.

Several topics, including grant funding, criminal law updates, and peer support were discussed among the group. Sheriffs were addressed by Probate Judge Tim Burgess, Representative Ginny Shaver, Sheriff Jay Jones and Director Jimmy Lambert, DA-Elect Summer Summerford, and Dr. Tim Faulk. These partnerships allow all Sheriffs to work together to solve crime and address issues in their home counties, all while renewing and strengthening their connections.

Sheriff Shaver said, "We were honored to host this many Sheriffs and show off the beauty of Cherokee County."


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