Sheriff's Conducts Sex Offender Compliance Operation...


Cherokee County Sheriff's Office investigators conducted a compliance check operation on all registered sex offenders across the County. The week-long operation took place in mid-December. According to Sheriff Jeff Shaver, every registered sex offender was found to be in compliance with the Sex Offender Registration Notification Act (SORNA) with the exception of two offenders. Both of those offenders have been located and arrested for a SORNA violation.

Michael R. Hall, 33 of Cedar Bluff, and Jimmy Hunter, 24 of Gaylesville, were arrested and charged with a SORNA violation.  Sheriff Shaver said, "it's pretty remarkable for any county to have a near 100% compliance rate. We can credit that to the hard work by our investigators and Investigator Brian Gilliland, who is the SORNA compliance officer."   Every registered sex offender in Cherokee County can be viewed on the Sheriff's Office website at

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