Court Security

Cherokee County Sheriff's Office patch, with the US flag, state of Alabama, and Alabama state flag suspended over a lake and the phrase Serve and Protect at the bottom
A courthouse security committee was originally established in 1998 in accordance with an order of the Alabama Supreme Court, the committee was instrumental in developing a Courthouse Security Plan that was submitted to the Alabama Supreme Court. The courthouse security committee consists of all presiding judges, county commission chairperson, the circuit clerk, district attorney, and the sheriff.  In 2007, Sheriff Shaver, with support from the County Commission, established the Court Security Division of the Sheriff's Office to provide security and protect the Courts. 

Recent past events involving the judiciary and all it's stakeholders clearly demonstrate the need to access the vulnerability of judges, staffs, witnesses, and the general citizenry that utilize the courthouse and all the public offices that are located in our nation's courthouses.  Security is no longer protecting the court; it has expanded to a situation that courthouses and their immediate areas now need a security component.
The Cherokee County Sheriff's Office court security unit is comprised of part-time deputies who are retired from long careers in law enforcement. Cpl. Will Bailey serves as the supervisor of this unit. These deputies screen courthouse visitors for weapons and provide security for the Circuit and District courts. The Cherokee County Commission has established a written resolution banning weapons from the Cherokee County Courthouse. Additionally, state law prohibits firearms from all Alabama courthouses. The courthouse has limited access and signs announcing screenings for prohibited weapons in place.

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