Graduation Message from Sheriff Shaver...


To the Graduating Class of 2020,

            To say that your senior year did not end the way you expected is quite an understatement.  For some, the abrupt ending of the school year was exciting and for others sad, maybe even frightening.  However you chose to view it, you now have a unique perspective of compassion, sacrifice, and a strong work ethic to propel you into the future.

            During this time of global pandemic you, Seniors of 2020, have seen first-hand how compassionate our world can be in the midst of crisis.  Family, friends, and neighbors are going the extra mile to extend a helping hand to the most vulnerable and those in need.  I know that your teachers have also shown compassion during the last several weeks while everyone adjusted to distance learning.

            Not only have you seen great compassion, but you have also experienced great sacrifice.  The sacrifices made by the school administration, faculty and staff is beyond comprehension and demonstrates their confidence in you.  Maybe you have seen the sacrifices made by many to ensure that our community comes out of this pandemic better than before.  You may be a first-hand witness to the sacrifices made by essential employees, first responders, and our healthcare heroes; those who may be your parents, extended family and friends.

            Seniors, you are to be commended for your strong work ethic and resilience that has brought you to your graduation day!  Those two admirable qualities will take you wherever you chose to go.  When the history books are written, your children and grandchildren will read about the global health crisis of 2020 and you can say you survived...through compassion shown to your neighbor, sacrifices made by everyday heroes, and a strong work ethic to never give up!

            Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 2020.  We are very proud of you!  Have a wonderful summer and stay safe.


Sheriff Jeff Shaver

Cherokee County Sheriff's Office