Recent Visit to our Nation's Capital...

Recently Chief Investigator Josh Summerford, Corporal Gene Knowles, and I traveled to Washington, D.C. to attend the National Sheriff’s Association Winter Legislative Conference.  We attended several training seminars and heard from several noteworthy speakers.

We were addressed by the new Homeland Security Director, General John Kelley and Rob O,Neill, the former Navy Seal who was responsible for firing the shot that killed Osama Bin Laden.  We were also privileged to have as a speaker the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.  President Trump specifically expressed his support for our military, veterans, and law enforcement.  It was really great to hear the president say to officers, “I have your back”.

As a member of NSA’s National Sheriff’s Institute and Awards Committee, I serve in a Leadership Training Workgroup tasked with developing a formal education strategy for a Sheriff’s Command College to provide sheriffs and their command staff with training in leadership and administration skills, special operations, and victim’s services, etc.  This new concept would greatly improve the professional skills for its members in various fields of law enforcement.  The majority of this training would be mainly through webinars. 

Our group also visited the Capitol and the offices of our Congressional delegation.  It was a productive and educational conference.


  President Donald Trump speaking during the National Sheriff's Association Winter Legislative Conference

President Donald Trump waving to the audience during the National Sheriff's Association Winter Legislative Conference

Sheriff Shaver and Chief Investigator Josh Summerford at the National Sheriff's Association Winter Legislative Conference                

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