Sheriff Shaver warns residents of continued threat of flooding…


Emergency personnel from the Cherokee County Rescue Squad and Sheriff’s Office spent a large part of the holiday weekend rescuing and assisting people in flooded areas.  As you have likely seen in media reports, the National Weather Service placed Cherokee County under a flood warning over the weekend and a flash flood watch has been issued with more rain and storms on the way later today.  A flood warning indicates conditions exist to pose a serious threat to life and/or property.  A flash flood watch means conditions may develop that could lead to flash flooding.  Flash floods are the #1 cause of weather-related deaths in the US.

According to Alabama Power, Weiss Lake is expected to crest at 568 feet on Wednesday, December 30, which is over a foot higher than the current lake level at flood stage of 567 feet.  With the lake waters already causing damage to roadways, recreational vehicles, docks, boats, and piers, please take these flood warnings and watches seriously.  Don’t put your life in danger by staying in a location that will likely flood!  Our first responders in Cherokee County do an outstanding job at keeping our citizens safe and many of them volunteer and sacrifice their time and lives for the safety of residents of Cherokee County.  I ask you to follow a few flood safety rules in order to protect yourself and the lives of first responders.

Here are a few flood safety tips:

  • Turn Around, Don’t Drown!
  • Avoid walking or driving through flood waters.
  • If there is a chance of flash flooding, move immediately to higher ground.  
  • If floodwaters rise around your car and the water is still, abandon the car and move to higher ground, but do not get into moving water.
  • Avoid camping or parking along streams, rivers, and creeks during heavy rainfall. These areas can flood quickly and with little warning.

I appreciate the efforts of the Cherokee County Rescue Squad and other emergency personnel for their commitment to save lives.  As always, if an emergency should arise, the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office will be there to serve the citizens of Cherokee County.


Sheriff Jeff Shaver