Have a Safe Holiday


 Sheriff Jeff Shaver

   The summer holidays draw large crowds to Cherokee County to enjoy the beautiful lake and streams for some cool outdoor adventures. This summer and holiday season I encourage you to practice water safety and help us reduce the number of water accidents and drowning. We have experienced a sharp number of water related deaths and injuries recently. Please take a few minutes to prepare your family for a safe season. Below are a few tips about safe swimming.
• Always have someone prepared to be a lifeguard; don’t allow children to swim unattended.
• Don’t jump into the water; get your body acclimatized to the water temperature.
• Don’t jump into the water from heights; there could be unseen obstacles below.
• Try to stay out of deep water.
• Look for signs and advise about specific dangers in areas where you are swimming.
• Always have a safety device available and practice for what to do if someone needs assistance.
• Don’t operate watercraft or swim, after consuming alcohol.
We encourage you to enjoy water sports. Just be responsible and avoid any unnecessary risks.