Be Prepared For Winter Weather


Here we go again!  Are you prepared for the forecasted winter weather conditions this week?  The officers of the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office have been making preparations this weekend in case weather problems arise.  During the last snow event, Sheriff's Office personnel were busy responding to calls for service and helping transport workers to area hospitals and nursing homes.  We are ready for such special circumstance due to the hard work of employees such as Investigator Brent Snead.  Snead is in charge of our military surplus program that enables us to acquire military surplus vehicles at no cost.  You might have noticed military Humvees driving around during the last weather event.  These vehicles along with some Ford F350 4wd trucks allowed us to navigate safely across our county.  The Sheriff's Office is well prepared for special events and conditions.  I encourage you to take steps to prepare you and your family for the expected weather event.  If the winter weather does materialize, please drive only as needed, carry plenty of warm clothes, necessary medications, a blanket, snacks, and water with you in the event you cannot make it back home.  Remember, no matter what the weather, the personnel of your Sheriff's Office are working for you