Project Lifesaver



   The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office administers several programs to help improve the quality of life for our citizens, such as Project Lifesaver. 

   Project Lifesaver is a radio transmission system designed to assist law enforcement and rescue agencies in locating missing persons who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, autism, dementia, or other disorders that may prohibit them from communicating personal information such as their name and address.  This program is designed for children and adults who have the propensity to wander and not be able to find their way home.

   Project Lifesaver is a coordinated county-wide project partnering county and city law enforcement and emergency response agencies.  It can help provide peace of mind to caregivers, however, it does not replace the need for supervised care.

   Participants are required to wear a transmitter wristband approximately the size of a wristwatch.  The transmitter wristbands are worn 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are difficult to remove without the appropriate tools.  If the participant becomes lost or missing, the Sheriff’s Office has specialized tracking equipment to help pinpoint the location of the transmitter.  The search will start from the last known location of the participant and work outward until the transmission signal is obtained. The goal is to determine the location of the signal in a quick, timely manner, minimizing the risk of harm to the loved one.

   Please take advantage of this valuable service.  Cpl. Gene Knowles is the program administrator for the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office.  Cpl. Knowles may be contacted by calling the Sheriff’s Office at (256) 927-3365.