Salute To Our Vetrans


    During the month of November, we set aside just one day to pay a special tribute to those who have served and are serving our great country in the armed forces.  Our veterans and service members deserve proper recognition for our gratefulness of their dedication and sacrifice.

    The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office employs a number of veterans, some still on active duty to our country.  These individuals are all excellent employees and great people to be associated with and count as friends.  Please join me in saluting them for their past and continuing service and sacrifice for our country and Cherokee County.





       Jimmy Deberry                             Matthew Peek                                   Todd Morgan

    Lt. Patrol Division                     Criminal Investigations                  Criminal Investigations



           Jim Roberts                                      Joe Johnson                              Jack "Harley" Lamey

   Criminal Investigations                      Narcotics Agent                            Chief of Corrections



       Lewis Conaway                              Steven Studdard                          William "Bill" Bishop

     Corrections Officer                    Corrections Officer                         Corrections Officer



       Anthony Parker                              Rick Barnes

      Corrections Officer                        Court Security